Yes, we have Free plan. With Free plan, you can upload trained models, up to 3 models of which you can keep as private models. If you don't need to keep models private and happy to share it with other uses, you can upload unlimited number of models. You can run models totally 1,000 times per month.

No, your model is still yours. Please find more detail in our Terms & Conditions. When you upload models on Air AI platform, it means you grant us to run your models on our Services based users' request or our necessity of investigation to operate our Services. If you find your ownership is violated by someone, please contact to us via this User Inquiry Form or send an email to support[at]air-ai.com

Yes, your privacy is protected. Please find detail with our Privacy Policy statement.


Sorry, you can't change your username.

Please contact to us via this User Inquiry Form or send email to support[at]air-ai.com


In terms of file format, HDF5 files (".h5") including model architecture and weights but not including custom layers are supported.

Air AI executes models with TensorFlow and Keras so there could make some issues if modeles generated with other frameworks are uploaded.

Currently, we provide the following input and output processings. We're extending this function. Please wait for our further updates or request us if you need more variation of In/Outs.

Type Option Explanation
Input Image (base64-encoded) Base64-encoded image is expected in INPUT_DATA of JSON. That image is decoded and passed to the model.
Random (tensor) Random tensor is generated as seed and passed to the model. INPUT_DATA of JSON is ignored.
Output Image (base64-encoded) - PNG Output from model prediction is converted into PNG image and then that image is encoded into base64.
Image (base64-encoded) - JPEG Output from model prediction is converted into JPEG image and then that image is encoded into base64.
Raw (tensor) Raw output from model prediction. The output are converted from actual tensor to strings to return the result in JSON format.


"Inactive" means that your uploaded model file is not supported by Air AI platform now. Please check the error message shown in Model edit page.


You may need to identify "content-type" as "application/json" in your POST header. You can find brief usage of API in "API" tab of each Model page.